Within the Krav Maga Global we have a special program for women. In response to a serial rapist in Tel Aviv, the Krav Maga Global was approached with the question whether a training could be set up with which women could defend themselves.

Krav Maga at that time was even more a thing of the military (still in Israel) and the military techniques were insufficiently adapted to the specific violence that a woman might face. Thus, the krav maga was developed for women.

A multi-day course of 1 to 10 seminars in which by means of krav maga techniques, psychology, scenario training hard work is being done on resilience.

Women often have the image that krav maga is not for them, too harsh and violent. When you start watching videos on youtube, we can understand that people get this image. What one sees there is often not krav maga and if it is, it is high level students or instructors who just want to show the world how good they are, unintentionally making many people shy about Krav Maga. The training is adapted to the target group, but in many ways resembles the Krav Maga from the regular training courses. The participants have to become resilient in a very short time and therefore the program is simple but effective. After women have followed these trainings, they are no longer the same as before. Women often face different forms of "violence" than men. Harassment, sexually oriented forms of harassment, pawing, remarks, constantly pushing boundaries.

Not setting boundaries and not standing up for your own dignity gets many women into trouble. You should treat a pushy guy like a 5 year old. A clear "NO" in combination with a convincing attitude and look can often be enough and sets a limit. For the stubborn individuals, we have other solutions ...