Krav Maga is Hebrew for contact combat, it can be seen as the self-defense system used by the security forces and special forces units of the Israeli army. It is a modern, practical way of self-defense that responds to the current aggression in the world. Krav Maga is characterized by a logical approach to self-defense and combat situations where, after a shorter period of instruction, one can reach a relatively high level. Krav Maga combines mental, technical, tactical and physical training to increase the chance of taking control of the situation in the most dangerous situations. It is a unique system that is internationally recognized as an innovative, effective and very practical self-defense method. The techniques are effective, simple and easy to learn and can be applied under extreme stress situations, regardless of their physical condition, strength or age. It is important to know that today's techniques have actually been tested. The techniques are used effectively on a daily basis. By man, woman, young and old, under all circumstances. The system is known as the "best street and battle tested system of the world" for good reason.

Krav Maga is recognized as the single most professional and internationally active Krav Maga organization in the world, having earned the trust of security services and civilian practitioners alike. The Krav Maga system of Krav Maga is known for its simplicity, efficiency, logic, and high standards of teaching.